After attending college for English Education in WV and teaching high school English for 6 years, I realized I wasn't living my passion. My kids were sad as I dropped them off to daycare before the sun came up and I was cranky because as much as I loved my students, and I really did, teaching wasn't what I had dreamed of doing. One day I decided it was time, and I wrote my resignation letter; supported by my husband, I turned in that letter in 2011, and haven't looked back. 


During the past 7 years of working as a wedding photographer full-time, my life and this business has changed many times in many ways. I have won awards and been published many times but that is not what I want you to know about ME, about US. 


When hiring us as wedding photographer(s), you should know we will smile for you, help you with your bouquet, pin your hair and even isle runner if needed. We will be there on time; we will help you know when to smile, when to be serious, and when to just enjoy the party. We know weddings. We love weddings. 


Tim and I look forward to working together to help couples enjoy their day and while doing that, we capture memories that will last a lifetime.


"When the day is over, all you are left with is your memories and your pictures" ~Katelyn James

So, who am I? I am a passionate wedding photographer who loves her jobs and looks forward to serving you.